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Internet Blocking Tool (InetBlocker) application has been developed for an easy ISA/TMG server control by inexperienced users (common teachers, not network administrators). It allows blocking or unblocking internet connection for defined groups of computers without direct work with ISA/TMG server in an easy and quick way. Authorized persons (teachers) can control classroom internet connection in a simple application environment.

More details about this tool (in English) can be found in the following document:
If you want to learn more about ISA Server, there is also a very good guide for school administrators:


Aplikace Internet Blocking Tool (InetBlocker) byla vyvinuta pro snadné ovládání ISA/TMG serveru nezkušenými uživateli (běžnými učiteli, ne správci sítě). Umožňuje rychle zablokovat nebo odblokovat připojení k internetu pro definované skupiny počítačů bez přímé práce s ISA/TMG serverem. Pověřené osoby (učitelé) pak mohou z prostředí jednoduché aplikace ovládat připojení učebny k internetu.

Podrobněji si Internet Blocking Tool můžete prohlédnout v tomto článku na portálu ModerníSprávce:


25.6.10 Version 1.1 published - Fixes several bugs (e.g. duplication of computer sets, GUI cleanup etc.) - DO NOT MIX THIS VERSION WITH PREVIOUS VERSIONS IN YOUR NETWORK - it may lead to incorrect functionality!!!
22.6.10 RC5 published - Added support for Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010
25.9.08 source code of final version published
11.9.07 InetBlocker.msi* created, English and czech version (depending windows locale) in msi package for Group Policy installations in schools :)
18.7.07 RC4 published, first release in english language as default language (czech is secondary, depending on regional settings)
18.6.07 We started globalization & localization of our tool. During August we should have RTM version and tool available in czech and english language.
4.6.07 Link for article added
22.5.07 RC3 published
12.3.07 page published

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